Egyptian's hairstyles represented one's status and their age which is why they were so important.
Egyptian women had both long and short hair. Rich women with long hair had wigs that that they decorated with flowers and ribbons. Even the poorer women was able to decorate their hair with petals and berries. While working most women would wear a headband to keep their off their face and in place.
Both boys and girls had their hair shaved off except for a long lock of hair attached to the side of the head. As they hit puberty, boys shave the rest of their hair off, while girls grew them and tied them into ponytails or plaits. Girl's hair were decorated amulets, clasps or hair-rings.
Most Men kept their hair really short or shaved off. This had many benefits it helped with keeping the bearer cool in the hot climate of Egypt while they worked. It also helped them stay clean, since it it prevented hair lice and it was a lot easier and faster to clean their head or short hair.