Cooking in Ancient Egypt:

     Food was fried, grilled, stewed, boiled and or roasted but except for that we don't know much about how they prepared their food. Cooking in Ancient Egypt was usually done on an open fire.
     Spices used for cooking were very few including thyme, fennel, fenugreek, and white & black cumin. These spices were native to the Egyptian land others were mostly brought from other regions.They for sure used salt also known as Hmat, garlic, and most possibly onions too.  Some families also used clay ovens for cooking and baking. Utensils used for cooking by the poor were clay dishes while the rich used utensils made out of bronze and silver. Storage jars, pots, pans, bowls and whisks were also used for cooking and storing food.
     Most of the food was prepared with the cooking pan and fore on the floor and the women cooking sitting or crouching on the ground cooking beside them.